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NEW at Miami Fitness

NEW Renovated Building
NEW Male & Female Saunas
NEW Boxing Ring
NEW Mixed Martial Arts Classes
NEW Boxing Classes
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For a Limited Time, Miami Fitness is offering FREE Introductory Classes
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Miami Fitness is a local neighborhood Burbank Gym. We are located in the Lens Crafter and Fresh and Easy shopping center. Our gym has a "hometown" feel to it and we have a friendly staff. Even at peak hours, there is still never a wait to use your favorite piece of equipment. If you are looking for a great gym in Burbank, give us a try.
It's time to transform yourself!

Greg Plitt - A Call To Action
America's #1 Fitness Model Greg Plitt gives Miami Fitness Burbank a shout out in his inspirational video "A Call To Action" - More at

"If you're willing to give up that [sweat] for pride, accomplishment, a feeling of self worth.. If you're willing to make that transaction, Miami Fitness is your Bank"
- Greg Plitt


This is my neighborhood gym and I love it. It's a gym. It gets hot and sweaty as REAL gyms do. The equipment is perfect for WORKING OUT, not sitting there waiting for your next failed pick up attempt. Frank and company keep the place in working order and open for us to WORK OUT.

I'm a member of some of the larger gyms and frankly, I hate going to them. People get dressed up in fancy exercise outfits and try to pick up on each other rather than doing what they're paying for. They take up space and get in the way and annoy the hell out of me.

I go to Miami Fitness to stay in shape. I go there to take care of business because that's the type of no frills, TCB, no BS kind of place it is.

Thank you for keeping it real Frank.- Vince L.

I love Miami Fitness. I've only been going there for a week, but it's a great NO nonsense gym. I love that in a gym...

I'm not there for a boyfriend or to make friends, I'm there to work out in nappy sweats and get all red and gross and then go home to my nice, cool shower.

And at $25/mo, it's a really unbeatable price for a gym. And it's next to Fresh & Easy, so you can grab an apple or an entire week of groceries if you need to.
- Norma O.